“quantification” の起源は Peirce か?


  • I. Grattan-Guinness and G. Bornet (ed.)  George Boole −Selected Manuscripts on Logic and Its Philosophy


The name “quantification of the predicate” became attached to this extension during the 1840s (it is the origin of the word “quantification”in logic).

“quantification”はPeirceが起源だと思っていたがそうではなかったのか? ちなみに以下の本で調べてみると

  • Alonzo Church  Introduction Mathematical Logic, revised and enlarged ed.


Somewhat later, and independently, quantifiers were introduced by C.S.Peirce, who credits the idea to O.H.Mitchell. […]The terms “quantifier”and“quantification”are Peirce's.


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