Arabic History of Liar Paradox

可能世界の概念がライプニッツスコトゥスはもとより、アラビアの哲学まで遡ることを論証しようとしている論文があると、以前この日記でも述べましたが、今日David SansonさんのHPを見ていたら、以下のような文章が載っていた。可能世界の概念ではないが、嘘つきのパラドックスの経歴に関するものです。

"The Early Arabic Liar", co-authored with Ahmed Alwishah.
Ahmed has discovered a sustained tradition of commentary on the Liar paradox in the Arabic tradition, from the 9th to 15th centuries C.E. We are working together to map out the tradition, and its links, if any, to the earlier, mostly lost, Greek tradition, and the roughly contemporaneous and well-studied Latin tradition. This is a large project: our first goal is to produce a paper surveying the earliest parts of the tradition, from its roots in the theory of "khabar" ("report" or "declaration") developed by the Mutakalimun, through the first sustained and sophisticated discussion of the paradox in the tradition, found in Tusi's commentary on Abhari from the 13th century.