• Alan Richardson and Thomas Uebel ed.  The Cambridge Companion to Logical Empiricism, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Companions to Philosophy Series, 2007

Part I. The Historical Context of Logical Empiricsm:
1. The Vienna circle: context, profile, and development Friedrich Stadler;
2. The Berlin 'Society for Empirical/Scientific Philosophy' Dieter Hoffman;
3. From 'The Life of the Present' to the 'Icy Slopes of Logic': logical empiricism, the unity of science movement and the Cold War George Reisch;

Part II. Logical Empiricism: Issues in General Philosophy of Science:
4. Coordination, constitution, and convention: the evolution of the a priori in logical empiricism Michael Friedman;
5. Confirmation, probability, and logical empiricism Maria Carla Galavotti;
6. The structure of scientific theories in logical empiricism Thomas Mormann;

Part III. Logical Empiricism and the Philosophy of the Special Sciences:
7. The turning point and the revolution: philosophy of mathematics in logical empiricism from Tractatus to Logical Syntax Steve Awodey and A.W. Carus;
8. Logical empiricism and the philosophy of physics Thomas Ryckman;
9. Logical empiricism and the philosophy of psychology Gary L. Hardcastle;
10. Logical empiricism and the history and sociology of science Elisabeth Nemeth;
11. Philosophy of social science in early logical empiricism: the case of radical physicalism Thomas Uebel;

Part IV. Logical Empiricism and Its Critics:
12. Wittgenstein, the Vienna circle, and physicalism: a reassessment David Stern;
13. Vienna, the city of Quine’s dreams Richard Creath;
14. That sort of everyday image of logical positivism: Thomas Kuhn and the decline of logical empiricist philosophy of science Alan Richardson.