Anti-Semites: Lesniewski and Lukasiewicz 続き

以下にthe Letter from S. Lesniewski to K. Twardowskiから、Lesniewskiのanti-semiticな発言を引いてみる*1


In connection with your remark that, because Tarski has obtained an assistant professorship, the question of finding a professorial chair for him is no longer urgent, I must mention the following:

1) I am inclined to think that it could be immensely useful to create a chair in our university for Tarski, whose specialty differs significantly from those of Lukasiewicz and myself, since it would enable Tarski to conduct his scientific and pedagogical operations in a significantly broader and more independent field than the subsidiary and, at any rate, subordinate position of an assistant professor permits.

2) When I suggested this past year creating a chair of metamathematics, and conducted subsequent and hitherto ineffective propaganda in this direction, I was acting, if I may so express myself, in favour of the scientific interests of the University of Warsaw, and not in favour of the scientific needs, though very much justified, of Tarski.

3) In connection with a series of facts in recent years, which I could tell you sometime if you were interested, I feel a sincere antipathy towards Tarski, though I intend, for the reasons of which I have spoken above, to do everything in my power so that he can get a chair in Warsaw; however, I admit (of course, I can answer only for my actions, and not for my feelings) that I would be extraordinarily pleased if some day I were to read in the newspapers that he was being offered a full professorship, for example in Jerusalem, from where he could send us offprints of his valuable works to our great profit.

1)も2)も、Tarskiのためというよりも、the university of Warsaw のために、考え、力を尽くしてきた、とLesniewskiは述べている。


そしてこの記述の後、多値論理の本性を考える中で、intensional functors and semantic antinomies についての論文に取り組んでいると述べ、これを何とか仕上げたいと言い、次のように書き付けている。「[ ]」は原文英訳のままである。

Moreover I am trying to keep as secret as possible not just the details of this work but also the very fact of its development, so that certain Jew-boys or their foreign friends do not play some filthy trick on me again, as they have already done [before].



恐らく一般に‘Jewish’という言葉はpolitically correctだが、‘Jew’という言葉はpolitically incorrectである。したがって、上記引用文中の‘Jew-boys’という言葉はpolitically incorrectであろう。あえて訳さないでおいた。

LesniewskiやLukasiewicz までもがAnti-Semites だということは、Anti-Semitismの根深さを感じさせるものがある。

最後は、Wolenskiさんの“Mathematical Logic in Poland 1900-1939: People, Circles, Institutions, Ideas”から引用してみたい。


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