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  • W. V. Quine Confessions of a Confirmed Extensionalist and Other Essays,  Dagfinn Follesdal and Douglas B. Quine ed., Harvard University Press, Expected November 2008

W. V. Quine created a new way of looking at the eternal questions of philosophy and their interconnections. His investigations into semantics and epistemology, ontology and causality, natural kinds, time, space, and individuation transformed the philosophical landscape for generations to come. In the twenty years between his last collection of essays and his death in 2000, Quine continued his work, producing a number of impressive essays in which he deepened, elaborated, and occasionally modified his position on central philosophical issues. The last of these essays, which gives this collection its name, appeared in 2002.

This volume collects the main essays from this last, productive period of Quine’s prodigious career. It also includes some notable earlier essays that were not included in the previous collections although they contain illuminating discussions and are quite often referred to by other philosophers and also by Quine himself in his later writings. These essays, along with several manuscripts published here for the first time, offer a more complete and highly defined picture than ever before of one of the twentieth century’s greatest thinkers working at the height of his powers.



I. Previously Unpublished Articles
Nominalism (1946)
On the Notion of an Analytic Statement (1946)
Lectures on David Hume’s Philosophy (1946)
The Importance of Logic for Philosophy (1947)
Where is Logic Going? (1947)
Animadversions on the Notion of Meaning (1949)
The Entangled Philosophies of Mathematics (1950)
Meaning (1959)
The Way The World Is (1986)
Pressing Extensionality (1992)
Innate Foundational Endowments (1996)
The Growth of Mind and Language (1997)

II. Previously Published Articles
Relations and Reason (1939)
On the Reasons for Indeterminacy of Translation (1970)
Methodological Reflections on Current Linguistic Theory (1970)
On Empirically Equivalent Systems of the World (1975)
Mind and Verbal Dispositions (1975)
The Nature of Natural Knowledge (1975)
Facts of the Matter (1977)
Cognitive Meaning (1979)
Grammar, Truth, and Logic (1980)
Ontology and Ideology Revisited (1983)
Relativism and Absolutism (1984)
States of Mind (1985)
The Sensory Support of Science (1986)
Panel on Reference (1986)
Indeterminacy of Translation Again (1987)
Mind, Brain, and Behavior (1989)
The Elusiveness of Reference (1990)
The Phoneme’s Long Shadow (1990)
Three Indeterminacies (1990)
Preface to The Logic of Sequences (1990)
Two Dogmas in Retrospect (1991)
Structure and Nature (1992)
Commensurability and the Alien Mind (1992)
In Praise of Observation Sentences (1993)
Truth (1994)
Promoting Extensionality (1994)
Indeterminacy Without Tears (1994)
Assuming Objects (1994)
Naturalism; Or, Living within One’s Means (1995)
Progress on Two Fronts (1996)
The Flowering of Thought in Language (1997)
I, You, and It: an Epistemological Triangle (1999)
Three Networks: Similarity, Implication, and Membership (2000)
Confessions of a Confirmed Extensionalist (2001)

  • W. V. Quine  Quine in Dialogue, Dagfinn Follesdal and Douglas B. Quine ed., Harvard University Press, Expected November 2008

Over the course of his life, W. V. Quine, one of the twentieth century’s great philosophers, engaged and inspired, interviewed and critiqued countless scholars, critics, and students. The qualities that distinguished him in any discussion are on clear display in this volume, which features him in dialogue with his predecessors and peers, his critics and students.

The volume begins with a number of interviews Quine gave about his perspectives on twentieth-century logic, science and philosophy, the ideas of others, and philosophy generally. Also included are his most important articles, reviews, and comments on other philosophers, from Rudolf Carnap to P. F. Strawson. The book, which contains many previously unpublished manuscripts, concludes with a selection of small pieces, written for a broader public, that give a glimpse of the philosopher’s wide interests, his sense of humor, and his warm relations to friends. The result is a wide-ranging, in-depth, and finely nuanced portrait of the humanity underlying this great twentieth-century thinker’s philosophy.



I. Interviews
The Ideas of Quine (1978)
Willard Van Orman Quine (1985)
Quine Speaks His Mind (1988)
Philosophy (1993)
W. V. Quine: Perspectives on Logic, Science and Philosophy (1994)
Twentieth-Century Logic (1994)
Interview with Quine (1994)
There Is Always a Further Step (1998)

II. Quine on Other Philosophers
Logical Correspondence with Russell (1937–1967)

Articles on Other Philosophers
Thoughts on Reading Father Owens (1967)
Carnap’s Positivistic Travail (1984)
Events and Reification (1985)
Carnap (1987)
Charles Sanders Peirce (1989)
Let Me Accentuate the Positive (1990)
Exchange between Davidson and Quine (1994)
Foreword in Kurt Gödel (1994)
Where Do We Disagree? (1999)

Review of Rudolf Carnap’s Logische Syntax der Sprache (1935)
Review of Jeffreys’ Scientific Inference (1937)
Review of Goodman’s Structure of Appearance (1951)
Review of Geach’s Reference and Generality (1964)
Review of Lakatos’ Proofs and Refutations (1977)
Review of Bickerton, Roots of Language (1983)
Review of Parsons’ Mathematics in Philosophy (1984)
Four Hot Questions in Philosophy: PF. Strawson. Skepticism & Naturalism (1985)

Replies to Professor Riska’s Eight Questions (1992)
Comment on “Carnap and Quine by Neil Tennant (1994)
Responses (1994)
Reactions (1995)
Responses to seven essays (1997)
Response to Leemon McHenry (1997)
Quine’s responses (1999)

III. Popular Pieces
Introducing Piaget (1960)
Mind-Body Problem (1963)
Magna Carta (1963)
On the Map (1964)
Charting the World (1965)
Words Enough (1969)
Skinner Retirement Party (1974)
A Letter to Mr. Ostermann (1975)
Farewell Thanks at Villa Serbelloni, Italy (1975)
Introducing Church (1975)
Introducing Dummett (1976)
Introducing Campbell (1977)
Knights and Knaves on: Smullyan. What is the Name of this Book? (1978)
Gail Caldwell Stine Memorial Lecture (1980)
What I Believe (1984)
Sticks and Stones; or, the Ins and Outs of Existence (1984)
Introducing Kripke (1984)
Van Heijenort Memorial (1986)
Books That Mattered to Me (1986)
To a Graduate Student in Philosophy (1988)
Life is agid (1988)
Philosopher’s Concern with Language (Words Are All We Have to Go On) (1992)
Hobbling the Hawkers (1992)
Introducing Shepard (1994)
In Memory of John Finley (1995)
Willard Van Orman Quine in “Dictionary of Philosophy” (1996)
Kyoto Acceptance Speech (1996)
Tidy Parsimony (1996)
Advice to the Next Generation (2002)
Farewell to Me (1978)