• Jan van Eijck and Christina Unger  Computational Semantics with Functional Programming, Cambridge University Press, Due in October 2010
  • Alan Berger ed.  Saul Kripke, Cambridge University Press, Due in January 2011
  • Sandra Lapointe  Bolzano's Theoretical Philosophy: An Introduction, Palgrave Macmillan, History of Analytic Philosophy Series, Due in January 2011

“[T]his comprehensive text shows how to compute meaning using the functional programming language Haskell. It deals with both denotational meaning (where meaning comes from knowing the conditions of truth in situations), and operational meaning (where meaning is an instruction for performing cognitive action).”

“This collection of essays on Saul Kripke and his philosophy is the first and only collection of essays to examine both published and unpublished writings by Kripke. Its essays, written by distinguished philosophers in the field, present a broader picture of Kripke’s life and work than has previously been available to scholars of his thought.”

Bolzano’s Theoretical Philosophy is the first book in English to offer a survey of Bolzano’s philosophy of logic and theory of knowledge and is intended for anyone with an interest in the history of analytical philosophy.”