• Benjamin Schnieder and Moritz Schulz, ed.  Themes From Early Analytic Philosophy: Essays in Honour of Wolfgang Künne, Rodopi, Grazer Philosophische Studien / International Journal for Analytic Philosophy, vol. 82, Due in July 2011


This volume contains fifteen essays in honour of Wolfgang Künne. The essays deal with issues from the philosophy of language and logic, broadly conceived. They cover topics ranging from truth, reference, and the ontology of abstract objects, to action, intentionality, and speech acts. By taking into account the works of early analytic philosophers—including Bolzano, Frege, Peirce, Husserl, and Wittgenstein—they foster our understanding of the history of the ideas discussed, while at the same time contributing to the systematic debate. The collection also includes an up-to-date bibliography of Künne’s published work.


  • Wolfgang Künne: Bibliography
  • Ian Rumfitt: Truth and the Determination of Content: Variations on Themes from Frege’s Logische Untersuchungen
  • Manuel García-Carpintero: Truth-Bearers and Modesty
  • Edgar Morscher: Logical Truth and Logical Form
  • Mark Siebel: “It Falls Somewhat Short of Logical Precision.” Bolzano on Kant’s Definition of Analyticity
  • Hans-Johann Glock: A Cognitivist Approach to Concepts
  • Andreas Kemmerling: Thoughts without Parts: Frege’s Doctrine
  • Stephan Krämer: Bolzano on the Intransparency of Content
  • Nick Haverkamp: Nothing but Objects
  • Peter Simons: Cognitive Operations and the Multifarious Reifications of the Unreal
  • Kevin Mulligan: Meaning Something and Meanings
  • John Hyman: Wittgenstein on Action and the Will
  • David Wiggins: Platonism and the Argument from Causality
  • Tobias Rosefeldt: Frege, Pünjer, and Kant on Existence
  • Robert Schwartzkopff: Numbers as Ontologically Dependent Objects. Hume’s Principle Revisited
  • Mark Textor: Sense-Only-Signs: Frege on Fictional Proper Names
  • Nicholas Griffin, Bernard Linsky and Kenneth Blackwell, ed.  Russell: the Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies, n.s., vol. 31, no. 1, 2011, ''PRINCIPIA MATHEMATICA @ 100''
  • Ian Winchester and Kenneth Blackwell, ed.  Russell: the Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies, n.s., vol. 8, no. 1-2, 1988, ''Antinomies and Paradoxes: Studies in Russell's Early Philosophy''

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