• Josep Font and Petr Hajek ‘Lukasiewicz and Modal Logic’

Abstract. Lukasiewicz's four-valued modal logic is surveyed and analyzed.

  • Wilfrid Hodges ‘Ibn Sina’s ‘Al-Ibara’ on multiple quantification: how East and West saw the issues’

Chapter 9 of Part I of the section on De Interpretatione in the Logic part of Ibn Sina’s Shifac, ‘On truth and falsity of quantified sentences’, occupies pages 59 to 65 of the Khodeiri-Madkour edition [8]. The chapter splits roughly into two parts. The first part lists the forms of subject-predicate sentence where both subject and predicate carry determiners, and says which are true and which are false under different choices of subject and predicate. The second part discusses the views of commentators in relation to two further sentences. The Appendix below contains a translation of the whole chapter, with notes.


  • Ibn Sina ‘On the truth and falsehood of sentences with determiners, p. 59’

上のHodgesさんが取り上げているIbn Sinaのテキスト英訳。

  • John F. Horty ‘Frege on the Psychological Significance of Definitions’

定義について調査中なので入手。Psychological Significanceとはどういうことなんだろう?ちょこっと見てみるしかないな。