• David Braun  “Names and Natural Kind Terms”, in Ernest Lepore and Barry C. Smith ed., Handbook of Philosophy of Language, Oxford University Press, 2006

Names and natural kind terms have long been a major focus of debates about meaning and reference. This article discusses some of the theories and arguments that have appeared in those debates.

I begin below with proper names and the question ‘What is the meaning of a proper name?’ I turn to natural kind terms later.

  • ditto    “What is Character?”, in: Journal of Philosophical Logic, vol. 24, 1995

In "Demonstratives", David Kaplan argues that indexicals and other expressions have a sort of meaning, character, that is distinct from their more commonly recognized sort of meaning, content. In my opinion, Kaplan's arguments for this conclusion are successful and extremely significant.
But I am troubled by Kaplan's attempts to describe character.