• Paolo Mancosu  The Adventure of Reason: Interplay Between Philosophy of Mathematics and Mathematical Logic, 1900-1940, Oxford University Press, Due in September 2010



Part 1: History of Logic
1: The Development of Mathematical Logic from Russell to Tarski, 1900-1935

Part 2: Foundations of Mathematics
2: Hilbert and Bernays on Metamathematics
3: Between Russell and Hilbert: Behmann on the foundations of mathematics
4: The Russellian influence on Hilbert and his school
5: On the constructivity of proofs
6: Wittgenstein's constructivization of Euler's proof of the infinitude of primes
7: Between Vienna and Berlin: The immediate reception of Gödel's incompleteness theorems
8: Essay Review of Gödel's Collected Works (volumes IV and V)

Part 3: Phenomenology and Mathematics
9: Hermann Weyl: Predicativity and an intuitionistic excursion
10: Mathematics and Phenomenology: the correspondence between O. Becker and H. Weyl
11: Geometry, Physics and Phenomenology: Four letters of O. Becker to H. Weyl
12: Das Abenteuer der Vernunft: O. Becker and D. Mahnke on the phenomenological foundation of the exact sciences

Part 4: Nominalism
13: Harvard 1940-1941: Tarski, Carnap and Quine on a finitist language of mathematics for science
14: Quine and Tarski on nominalism

Part 5: The emergence of semantics: truth and logical consequence
15: Neurath and Kokoszynska on the semantic conception of truth
16: Tarski on models and logical consequence
17: Tarski on Categoricity and Completeness: an unpublished lecture from 1940
18: Archival Appendix. "On the completeness and categoricity of deductive theories" (1940), By Alfred Tarski.