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このうちでは個人的に特に Wright さんの論文に興味があります。いずれにせよどれも興味深いので注文。

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I will flesh out a story about Abbe and his work for anyone who is curious to know more about him, but the main audience will be those who are interested in Abbe's role in Frege's environment. I want to give a sense of Abbe's work, depth, and intellectual personality to make it plausible that he could have contributed to shaping the thoughts of someone as exacting as Frege. I have the impression that it is generally not appreciated what a profound, versatile, and charismatic thinker Abbe was. I hope a side benefit will be a sense of what a compelling person Abbe was to the people around him, of his warmth and humanness as well as the depth and energy he brought to his surroundings.