• Maria van der Schaar ed.  Judgement and the Epistemic Foundation of Logic, Springer, Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science, vol. 31, 2013

この論文集では、次の方々の見解が検討されています。Aristotle, Bolzano, Brentano, Descartes, Frege, Heying, Husserl, Kant, Per Martin-Löf, Russell, Spinoza, Stump, Windelband, Wolff. 興味深いので注文しました。

  • Dirk van Dalen  L.E.J. Brouwer – Topologist, Intuitionist, Philosopher: How Mathematics Is Rooted in Life, Springer, 2013


First edition published in two volumes as "Mystic, Geometer, and Intuitionist: The Life of L.E.J. Brouwer" by Oxford University Press in 1999 and 2004. The present biography is an updated revision of the earlier two volume biography in one single book.